Trolls are a species of bipedal primates that are believed to be descended from Homo Habilis, and are natural steppers. These creatures have been popping in to Datum Earth for centuries and are where we get our ‘big foot’ myths.

They are large incredibly gentle creatures who communicate with ultrasonics between themselves but can sing in frequencies audible for the human ear. They pick up music with prodigenic ease, creating harmonies that echo throughout the Long Earth. Those songs serve as a shared-memory that is passed on from troll to troll. The song can last about ten minutes and is referred as the short call but it also can last a month, referred as the long call. It is thought Trolls use their song the way wolves use their howl, as a sort of news call up and down the Long Earths.

They cannot speak but have an almost magical ability to sing. As with all non-human steppers until recently Trolls have avoided Datum earth (with the exception of the odd few over the centuries), finding it too loud.

People in the higher meggas find that the trolls get nervous around big human communities, the limit being one thousand, eight hundred and ninety humans. Past this limit, the trolls will simply go away and only come back after the population dropped under this limit.

As mankind has spread across the Long Earth, incidents between humans and trolls are becoming more and more frequent. One of the most iconic being Mary, a troll female residing at the GapSpace facility, killing one of the GapSpace researchers who tried to force her to give away her cub. Trolls have become ever-present in the stepwise worlds colonized by mankind. They are willing and clever workers. There are of course many humans who take advantage of this and enslave them. This is frowned upon, especially in the higher meggas but as they are not seen as ‘human’ on Datum Earth they are not seen to have rights and it is not actually illegal.

Trolls can sense danger coming well before humans can respond (jokers?)

There is a translator box available to help aid the communication between Trolls and Humans.

They are described to have chimp faces, and black, hairy body with a wide chest, a big head and enormous hands the size of tennis rackets.


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