Beagles are a sentient species from Earth West 1,617,524, descended from the wolves of their Earth. They are large intelligent ‘dog people’ who walk mostly on two legs (on two legs they are just slightly taller than the average human). They have been taught to speak to humans though they speak it poorly due to the shape of their mouths.

Earth West 1,617,524, being a Venusian world, is generally drier than Datum Earth. Therefore most communities of beagles are located around the fringes of the continents or along the main watercourses. Those communities are small in extent but densely populated as their biology demands they live in close bands. According to the first guesses, the beagles have been around a half-million years. Beagles can't step, even with a Stepper Box, so they have to be carried on the back of creatures who can, or ride in twains.


The beagles are grouped into Packs, the equivalent of the Datum's nations or races and they live in a matriarchal society ruled by 'Mothers', 'Daughters' and 'Granddaughters'. The Males assume the roles of warriors, workers and breeding partners.


Beagles give birth to many babies. This includes the Mother, resulting in many Daughters, Granddaughters and Great-Granddaughters. All of her female descendants want to become the new Mother, so they go to devastating wars, killing much of the population. Most of the wars are within individual packs and Inter-Pack wars are less common. After a conflict, they slowly repopulate and have a period of peace that can last one or two centuries until the communities become overpopulated again, and they go to war again.


As mentioned Beagle are intelligent and resent the human race for transforming Earth’s wolves into submissive and dumb companions. The have had a deep mistrust and dislike of humans since early Long Earth pioneer scientists strove to reduce the size of the beagles' litters in an attempt to ‘civilise’ the race. Every time the beagles have a war, their progress as a civilisation gets reset. In their wisdom the scientists tried to prevent the next dispute by reducing the size of their litters, through putting a chemical in the water supply. Unfortunately, this plan backfired – the beagles realised that something had happened and at first blamed one another, starting a war even more devastating than usual before eventually working out what really happened


Despite this there are some Beagles who are happy to work alongside humans, generally out of a deep sense of curiosity more than anything.


Any female of any species approaching Mother, Daughters, Granddaughters, etc must first show themselves to be submissive by lying on their back with their arms and legs in the air. There has been at least one case of a human bringing a purebred male Alsatian as a… gift for a Granddaughter.


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